Norwegian sweater for men

Norwegian sweaters have been making an appearance every year for several years. In addition to the eye-catching patterns, it is above all the high level of comfort and the pleasant warmth that make modern men reach for the sweater.

The sustainability aspect of the Norwegian sweater is also not to be despised. Natural fabrics such as wool and regional processing are very popular.
In addition, quality awareness is increasing among fashion-conscious consumers - and which fashion item is more timeless and of higher quality than an original Norwegian sweater?

Where does the Norwegian sweater come from?

The tradition of the Norwegian knitting pattern comes from Setesdal in southern Norway. Fisherwives used to expand various patterns to protect their men on the high seas. Selburose, for example an eight-petalled rose, is often used in ornate Nordic designs.
Although conspicuous, large patterns were more common, nowadays it is mainly simpler and "everyday" motifs and patterns that set subtle accents.
Often only three different colors are used, which leads to a coherent overall picture.

Norwegian sweater from Dale of Norway

One of the top suppliers of real Norwegian sweaters is Dale of Norway.
The traditional company was founded in 1879 by Peter Jebsen.
In the small town of Dale in western Norway, very high quality Norwegian sweaters have been knitted and sold all over the world since then.
The quality is unparalleled and is second to none.
Whether made of cuddly soft merino wool or sustainable new wool, an original Norwegian sweater from Dale of Norway will accompany the owner for many years.
The ongoing megatrend back to sustainable and skin-friendly wool products has given a new impetus in recent years.
Whether at home in city offices, at Christmas markets, on mountain tops or in living rooms - you will see eye-catching Norwegian sweaters everywhere.

What has become a trend in recent years has always been a matter of course for the Norwegians: ethically responsible, sustainable and environmentally friendly production.
All the energy for the small factory is obtained from the waterfalls in the valley.
The Norwegian virgin wool comes from the region, and everything from raw wool to the finished Norwegian sweater continues to be produced in Norway.

They are rightly proud of that. And the customers are happy, because wool is one of the most sustainable textile raw materials, naturally antibacterial (no unpleasant smells), durable and warms even when wet.

Norwegian sweater - from traditional to innovative

Anyone who thinks of a large, thick sweater with enormous patterns in a Norwegian sweater will be amazed at what has happened in the market in recent years.
Of course there are still traditional Norwegian sweaters today.
However, a lot has been developed and Dale of Norway has understood how to develop new technologies and present real innovations like no other company.
The merino yarns used, for example, have become finer and finer over the decades without increasing the pills.
Pilling refers to the formation of pills in low quality yarns that are often used in inexpensive products from many manufacturers.
In the store, the sweater is still soft and feels high-quality, a few washes later it unfortunately looks different: pods form, the sweater is deformed more and more and after a short time it is considerably less comfortable to wear.
The appearance also suffers considerably.
At Dale of Norway great value is placed on the development and use of high-quality yarns that are softer than many competing products, but retain their properties even after many washes. The price difference is quickly put into perspective, as you can enjoy a real Norwegian sweater for years.

Norwegian sweater from Kama Fashion

Quality and fair production have their price!
Kama is a Czech fairtrade brand and family company that has joined the campaign for the International Fashion Revolution. The aim is for the clothing industry to not only produce chic outfits, but also to produce ethical, transparent and sustainable methods.

They only use Schoeller yarns that guarantee the independent, ecological bluesign® standard that they have created with regard to human health and the environment.

KAMA started as a small domestic production
The founder of KAMA, Mahulena Pertlová, was on maternity leave in 1989. She liked to knit hats for children and friends. The hats were very popular at the moment but were not allowed to be sold as the regime of the time did not allow anyone to trade freely. The first opportunity arose in handicraft markets, after which the home factory in Pertl was founded. The children's room in her apartment in Letňany soon became a shipping warehouse. Mahulena quickly asked her sister Katarina to work with her. The KAMA brand was created from the combination of their two first names. They didn't like Maka :)
The company promotes top athletes and young talents. You have worked with charities for a long time.

Kama produces exclusively in the Czech Republic and uses only the highest quality materials that are environmentally certified.

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