Sweatshirt round neck "US Flag" Bordeaux

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The sweater is soft lined and has a US flag in the front area. The typical patches can be seen on the jacket - it can hardly be beat in terms of casualness. The elastic knit on the cuffs and waistband ensures a perfect fit. This jacket is the absolute eye-catcher for the colder season.
  • Sweater of the fashion brand Top Gun
  • With fine embroidery
  • With elastic knitted cuff

Top Gun® is a clothing brand inspired by the military aviation that goes beyond the aeronautical heritage.
It stands for perfection, authenticity, quality and durability.
The Top Gun® is a lifestyle product that promotes its passion for speed, performance and style with a new,
refined nonchalance that is definitely subtle and has high quality and craftsmanship.

The brand excels in Top Gun Sweatshirts, Top Gun T-Shirts, Top Gun Jackets, Top Gun Sweaters and Top Gun Hoodies.