Scandinavian cardigan - 100% pure new Norwegian wool - grey

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Norfinde Scandinavian cardigan - 100% pure new Norwegian wool - grey

This classic Norwegian cardigan from Norfinde is made of 100% pure wool and has a timeless design of soft twisted yarn. The heavy wool yarn in gray provides a fashionable, natural look.

The vest has a high, super warm collar with soft black fleece on the inside for extra comfort. Sturdy ribbing at the wrists and bottom ensure a good fit. This cardigan is indispensable during a cold Scandinavian winter.

Wool has many advantages as a material for clothing, including its natural breathability and insulation properties, and its dirt and moisture repellent properties that make it suitable for outdoor activities. Wool is also strong and durable, although it does require some care when washing and storing it.

It is important to note that wool can cause itching and irritation in some people, so it is important to keep this in mind when choosing a wool sweater.

This Norwegian cardigan from Norfinde is very spacious, so check the size chart carefully before ordering. If you don't like roomy, choose at least one size smaller than you are used to. Choose this beautiful Norwegian cardigan from Norfinde and experience the perfect combination of comfort, style and durability.

  • Norwegian cardigan from Norfinde
  • Made from 100% pure wool
  • Naturally breathable and insulating properties
  • Dirt and moisture repellent
  • Strong and durable material, requires some care in washing and storage
  • Cardigan is spacious, view the size chart carefully
  • Perfect combination of comfort, style and durability

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armpit to armpit 56 cm 59 cm 63cm 66 cm  
Back length 66 cm 69 cm 74cm 76cm  
Sleeve length incl. shoulder 77 cm 80 cm 83 cm 86cm