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Jacket 79 "Ocean Tested" - 100% gerecycled nylon - blue

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Celebrate the heritage of Gaastra with this typical nylon jacket featuring the iconic number 97, representing the brand's founding year. Designed for fresh conditions both on land and water, this lightweight jacket boasts a playful tone-on-tone trim and is made from 100% recycled nylon with RePreve lining for an eco-friendly choice.


  • Heritage Design: Showcases the iconic number 97 for Gaastra's founding year
  • 100% Recycled Nylon: Eco-friendly material for a sustainable fashion choice
  • RePreve Lining: Offers enhanced comfort and sustainability
  • PR-G™ Air Technology: Ensures breathability and protection in various conditions
  • Lightweight and Versatile: Perfect for fresh conditions on land and water
  • Playful Tone-on-Tone Trim: Adds a fun and stylish touch
  • Two Exterior Stake Pockets: Convenient storage space for essentials

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      GW-21165-2211 Blue Saphire-XXL