Colours & Sons

Colours & Sons ® T-Shirt "Hakuna Tropicana"

Colours & Sons ® T-Shirt
"Hakuna Tropicana"
Custom Fit
100% Katoen

Colors & Sons ® Overhemd met ijs-patroon

Colors & Sons ® Overhemd korte mouw met ijs-patroon
Valt klein uit
100% katoen

Colours & Sons ® Poloshirt Breast Pocket

Poloshirt van puur katoenkwaliteit in een trendy, gemêleerde look.
De drieknopenlijst is ook voorzien van contraststof
Binnenvoering van de borstzak, die kan worden omgezet in een zakdoek.

Colours & Sons ® Hoodie sweatshirt Logo

Hoodie sweatshirt Logo
Custom Fit
100% Katoen

Colours & Sons ® Overhemd Colorblock

Colours & Sons ® Overhemd Colorblock
Custom Fit
100% Katoen

Colours & Sons ® Poloshirt Parrot

Polo shirt gemaakt van puur katoen kwaliteit en recht gesneden.
De grappige allover print maakt de Polo tot een complete blikvanger.
Logo-print op de hals.

Founded in 2012, Colours & Sons is now an independent brand with high principles of quality, workmanship and sustainability.

The team of the young brand Colours & Sons works on every new collection with passion, courage and an immense love for details. Special emphasis is being placed on quality, fit and the authenticity of each and every piece of clothing.

The Colours & Sons look is part of an ever-changing process of combining modern influences with high standards, to establish our own distinct character. Our style is self-confident, sporty, fun, has a strong personality and is being inspired and coloured by every-day life.

Colours & Sons products are perfect for everyone who is looking for that certain 'je ne sais quoi', that unique something. Casual designs, high-quality workmanship, creative details…

Make way for the new,
be part of the Family!

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