Jacket 79 "Ocean Tested" - 100% recycled nylon - off-white

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Embrace Gaastra's heritage with this classic nylon jacket featuring the iconic number 97, which represents the brand's founding year. This lightweight jacket combines style and sustainability and is designed for fresh conditions on land and water.


  • Material: 100% recycled nylon for eco-friendliness and durability
  • Lining: RePreve lining for added insulation and sustainability
  • Technology: PR-G™ Air Technology for enhanced breathability
  • Design: Number 97 on the back, tone-on-tone trim for a playful and stylish look
  • Pockets: Two stake pockets on the outside for convenient storage
  • Ideal for: Fresh conditions on land and water, outdoor activities, and casual wear

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      GM-11165-2211 Off-White