140th Anniversary Men's Sweater - Norwegian Wool


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Celebrate our 140th Anniversary with this timeless masterpiece, the Dale of Norway 140th Anniversary Men's Sweater. Crafted from 100% long-lasting Norwegian wool, this sweater pays tribute to our rich knitting heritage that spans over a century.

Adorned with Norwegian-made pewter buttons and featuring the traditional eight-petal rose pattern combined with elements from the Setesdal male folk costume, this sweater exudes authentic Norwegian charm. Braided side panels and discreetly integrated Roman numerals "CXL" on the back mark this special occasion.

Key Features:

  • Made from 100% long-lasting Norwegian wool
  • Norwegian-made pewter buttons
  • Traditional Norwegian design with Setesdal folk costume influences
  • Braided side panels
  • Roman numerals "CXL" discreetly integrated on the back
  • Hand wash for care

Plover - Long-lasting Norwegian Wool: Our proprietary blend of Norwegian wool, sourced from Norwegian sheep, has been a part of our family since 1939. Known for its animal-friendly sourcing and the sheep's natural mountain life, this yarn offers an authentic, crisp appearance and exceptional durability.

Note: Garments knitted with Plover wool require hand washing. (Fiber diameter: 33 micron)

Wrap yourself in the warmth of tradition and quality with the Dale of Norway 140th Anniversary Men's Sweater, a true testament to our enduring commitment to Norwegian craftsmanship.

Armpit to armpit
54cm 57cm 60cm 63cm  
Back Length
68cm 70cm 72cm 74cm  
Sleeve Length incl. Shoulder
77cm 78cm 80cm 81cm  

DN 93951-H